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A Customer Focused Buyback/Trade-In Experience like No Other!


Idahobuyback.com is ready to buy your devices in bulk. Weather you’re upgrading all your companies’ lines or getting new iPads, IdahoBuyBack.com is ready to take care of all your device needs.

We know that upgrading your company lines can be complex and sometimes time consuming, that is where IdahoBuyback.com can help save you time & get your more money for your company’s new, used, damaged or dead devices.

Idahobuyback.com wants to help: We specialize in IT asset recycling from companies of all sizes.

You might be wondering if Gizmobuyback.com can buy 1000 iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s, iPads, or Microsoft Tablet you have for sale, the answer is YES!

Gizmobuyback.com can offer you a custom quote based on your companies needs, call us at (208)-495-4188.

You can also submit a request for a custom quote buy sending a email to our buyer-Sales@idahobuyback.com

If you would like ship us the devices you have, and have us create a spreadsheet with offers, IdahoBuyBack.com can do that as well!

In the event that you device condition differs when inspected, we will work with you to get the most possible money for your devices and if we can’t come to an agreement, we will ship them back to you Free of Charge!

 Benefits of Using Idahobuyback.com

  • Saves you time, No more wasted time on low offer. IdahoBuyback.com your partner in IT recycling & Buyback.

  • Professional, stress-free service from a dedicated Account Manager.

  • Data Removal / Data Security – IdahoBuyBack.com guarantees that all your data will be completely wiped back to factory settings, leaving No Personal-Company Data on the devices.

  • CSR Recycling - improve your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Electronics recycling is environmentally friendly

  • Devices currently recycled: mobile phones, smart phones & tablets

  • Broken / Damaged? - doesn't matter. We buy broken & damaged devices, condition doesn’t matter.

  • Charity donations - if you want to donate the money to charity we can arrange this for you.